Ventilation System

Ventilation System

It ensures that fruits and vegetables grown ideally in the greenhouse season are also grown outside of the season thanks to the artificially obtained weather conditions and irrigation conditions. For this reason, a ventilation system must be used in order to obtain the right growing conditions in the greenhouse. In this way, fruits or vegetables can be grown within desired temperature with the right heat structure.


Why Is Ventilation Have To Be Made In Greenhouses?

The ventilation system used in the greenhouses is an absolute necessity for vegetative production in the summer as well as in the winter. With the heating created in the greenhouse in winter, plants can be grown in summer heat and similar environmental conditions can be provided. Under normal conditions, the ventilation used in the greenhouse provides certain advantages.

With the systematic application, the ventilation system significantly affects the provision of temperature, relative humidity, surface moisture, condensation amount and air velocity in the greenhouse. The system makes significant contributions at many points such as the gas density of the ambient air,the correct distribution of temperature, and  its odor.

While greenhouse cultivation activities are carried out, the air conditions, which will create an ideal structure according to the outside atmosphere, especially within the scope of growing vegetables and fruits, are obtained by the ventilation system. Thanks to this system, obtaining the ideal air and ideal temperature in terms of carbon dioxide, oxygen and other gases can be achieved in the same way while cultivating outdoors in summer.


What are the Benefits of the Ventilation System for the Plant?

Each detail creates thanks to the ventilation system, such as the ideal temperature for the plant to grow and produce, the optimum conditions for photosynthesis, and the humidity required to maintain its health. It is important that the plant maintains its humidity at the ideal temperature, creates good perspiration and continues photosynthesis. Because in this way, ideal conditions can be obtained with the air conditioning and irrigation systems used in the greenhouse.

When the ventilation system is used in the greenhouse, they are structures that clean the air, reduce heat loss, are not affected by weather conditions and provide ideal air exchange. When these structures are used, a more efficient production can be achieved by obtaining the required moisture, temperature and oxygen amounts for the plant. Bozkurt Sera helps to obtain a much stronger and more useful structure by using a system that creates natural ventilation conditions among the greenhouse applications it performs today.