Tunnel Type Greenhouse Models

Tunnel Type Greenhouse Models

In order to realize greenhouse applications, it is necessary to choose among greenhouse models depending on the type of plant to be grown. In this regard, there are choices such as tunnel type greenhouse models or gothic style greenhouse models. Tunnel type greenhouse models are used in many areas, especially for fruit and vegetable growing, as well as providing opportunities such as wide ventilation.

Tunnel type greenhouse models can be used with the use of high technology material and plastic, glass or polycarbon coating on the construction structure. However, especially plastic and polycarbon material are preferred more in tunnel type greenhouses. Because of this, a much greater advantage is obtained in terms of air conditioning solutions.

While performing greenhouse activities, it is important to pay very high attention to ventilation and to do it carefully. For this reason, tunnel type greenhouse can be seen as a better choice in accordance with the conditions of the region, climatic conditions and geographical conditions. Because the tunnel greenhouse provides an advantage in terms of wide ventilation.


Tunnel Type Greenhouse Application Types

The tunnel type greenhouse has a classical shape and is used in the form of an oval closure on a longitudinal tunnel. In this type of greenhouse, types such as tunnel greenhouse or pole tunnel greenhouse are actually different from each other. The most important difference in the separation of these varieties arises in terms of height. In the applications made by Bozkurt Sera, there are greenhouse varieties reaching 3.5 meters under the gutter in terms of gaining advantage in air conditioning.

Tunnel greenhouse models, which have the ideal height, have an ideal structure of 8 meters in terms of width. Thanks to its tunnel width, these greenhouse systems provide a high performance and long service life, as well as allowing wide ventilation conditions. In this regard, it is necessary to make choices depending on the region you are in and the product you will grow.

Bozkurt Sera serves for Turkey’s agricultural companies and farmers wishing to greenhouse applications in many different areas. In this respect, tunnel greenhouses offer the best physical structure to use modern irrigation, air conditioning and ventilation systems in order to create healthy cultivation at the ideal height in different areas such as fruit and vegetable cultivation in agriculture.