Soil-based Greenhouse

Soil-based Greenhouse

Agriculture, together with the fertility of the soil, is a sector that enables the production of fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses and gives power to the economy. On-soil greenhouse is a method that enables farmers, villagers and breeders to continue this sector and achieve a good economy, allowing agriculture to continue every season. The greenhouse is the biggest advantage for the soil used directly in the seasons where the ideal heat is obtained, to be used in autumn and winter.

While greenhouse is one of the most widely used agricultural methods in our country, especially in the Mediterranean Region, it is used in many different points starting from seed production processes to obtaining fruit and vegetables. Likewise, while agriculture is carried out with the greenhouse method, it is aimed to obtain vegetables and fruits produced especially in summer seasons also in winter.

Greenhouse cultivation is provided by the establishment of a construction structure on a specific land, the realization of the coating and the combination of many different stages. In this regard, Bozkurt Sera can ideally set up greenhouse applications on the desired land for the farmer who grows fruits and vegetables.

Project Based Work for Soil-based Greenhouse

It is important to realize an ideal project-based application in order to realize soil-based greenhouse works. Because a certain part of the land generally used for agriculture should be planned to be used as a greenhouse in winter and a certain part for open agriculture in summer. In this case, the greenhouse to be prepared in terms of seed production or cultivation for the winter season should be prepared on an ideal scale on a project basis.

Bozkurt Sera prepares a project for the establishment of an experienced facility on the land of the farmer who carries out fruit and vegetable cultivation in terms of the implementation of on-soil agriculture practices. On the basis of this project, first of all, every point such as materials that should be used according to the structure of the land, greenhouse coating materials according to the climate structure are taken into consideration and details such as the ventilation system are taken into consideration.

Irrigation provides one of the most important details among the greenhouse works to be carried out. For this reason, the project is prepared with great precision in order to perform the irrigation in the most accurate way by carrying out the works related to the automation system irrigation. During the implementation of the prepared project, the most suitable area for production is obtained by performing the air conditioning works completely. In addition, the greenhouse dimensions are determined according to the plant and tree sizes required for the fruits and vegetables to be grown and the installation is made.