Plastic Greenhouse Covers

Plastic Greenhouse Covers

Greenhouses have been used as the most ideal systems for agriculture for many years, together with the achievement of the desired temperature outside the season, protection against external weather conditions, and ideal growing conditions. Because the realization of fruit and vegetable cultivation processes in the greenhouse enables the public to obtain the desired product faster and more economically, especially in winter.

While greenhouse activities in our country are preferred much stronger and intensely today with their structure dating back to the past, greenhouses are structures that should be applied correctly, especially according to their climate and region. Because within these structures, that is, plants, vegetables, fruits or flowers can be grown in a healthy way thanks to the correct structure of the greenhouse.

Bozkurt Sera takes care to achieve the best heat conditions, reliable use and long-lasting results by using plastic greenhouse covers in its applications. Today, new generation co-extrusion technologies and more reliable structures and plastic greenhouse covers are used in order to achieve more harvest, healthier production and more durability throughout the year.


Which Highlights Does Plastic Greenhouse Covers Provide?

Today, plastic greenhouse covers, which are more preferred than glass or polycarbon greenhouses, stand out with their particularly durable structure. Because these covers create high durability in terms of sun resistance time, which is one of the most sought-after properties in greenhouse covers. Generally, instead of 3-month durable covers that need to be changed every summer, today, modern systems produce covers that can be used for 9, 12, 24, 36 or even for 60 months.

Bozkurt Sera produces much stronger production with the additives used to produce plastic greenhouse covers. These additives, which do not harm plants and human health, helps the cover to be much more durable and long-lasting in terms of sun resistance. By adapting to the specified usage characteristics, the desired result can be obtained strongly when greenhouse cultivation is carried out.

Many points are taken into account when choosing the cover in terms of making the right choices ideally for plants and establishing a good greenhouse. Bozkurt Sera, especially considering the details of sun resistance, makes the selection of cover to be used by considering every point such as moisture retention, resistance to chemicals, thickness and type of plant to be grown.