Steel Construction And Light Steel Structures

Steel Construction And Light Steel Structures

Steel is one of the building materials that creates the highest strength and longetivity. For this reason, steel structure is one of the most durable and preferred application types among building applications. For example, in greenhouse applications, works performed with steel material may be preferred to create the skeleton structure.

Bozkurt Sera has the advantage of obtaining results not only in greenhouse works but also in many different points through its steel structure applications. Because the steel material has a strength that can carry a much higher force than itself with its structure that can absorb even the heaviest loads. In this way, much longer lasting and durable structures can be obtained by using steel materials in high, heavy and giant-sized structures.

Considering the structures obtained by using steel materials today, there are preferences such as steel construction or light steel structures in heavy applications. Each of these preferences is among the ideal, modern and reliable systems that can be applied in the desired areas by Bozkurt Sera.

Steel Construction And Light Steel Buildings Are Directing The Construction Industry

In Turkey, a new routing and urbanization is one of the most important methods of structural steel in terms of obtaining a new diversification. Lightweight steel structures, in particular, create structures used in living spaces, working areas, agricultural areas and social areas today. In this context, the buildings are named with a prefabricated ones.

Prefabricated structures are among the ideal structures used around the world, together with being a light steel structure. These structures can be used as residences, social facilities, dining halls, construction sites, hospital buildings, education buildings or commercial enterprises in many different areas with the use of metal materials.

Bozkurt Sera also provides steel roof applications in terms of roof, which is frequently preferred in steel applications. These applications help to obtain the robustness, reliable and strong structure that structures have required for ages much faster and even more practical. In many different aspects such as insulation, decoration, coloring and strengthening, there is an opportunity to achieve a stronger result with the use of steel material in roofing.