Soilless Agricultural Greenhouses

Soilless Agricultural Greenhouses

Agriculture, as a general concept, emerges a logic such as the combination of the seed with the soil and the formation of the plant by taking the water and obtaining fruits, vegetables or grains from this plant. However, the developing technology has actually revealed the logic of soilless agriculture today, dating back to much earlier times. While this concept is also called hydroponics, agriculture can be done by not using the soil in this farming method.

Normally, open fields, fields and greenhouses are used for agriculture. Although the soil-based greenhouse is a classically known method, soilless greenhouse is obtained thanks to a more special technology and science. In this method, the opportunity to grow plants is obtained by dissolving minerals in water. In this case, the greenhouse to be established should have a professional structure such as on-soil agriculture, but it is necessary to use different techniques.

In order to realize hydroponic cultivation, it is important to work with a good project. In this case, Bozkurt Sera has a structure that can provide the necessary greenhouse setups for soilless cultivation on lands of different periods. In this setup, work is carried out at every point of the greenhouse application from A to Z together with project-based studies.

How Are Soilless Agricultural Greenhouses Used?

While performing soil-based agriculture, there are obligations such as waiting for a certain period of time for the plant to produce fruits, vegetables or products, irrigation, use of mineral and fertilizer additives. However, together with the use of the hydroponic method to grow fruits and vegetables, the combination of mineral and water is used. In terms of realizing this process, it is possible to carry out applications with pooling, spraying or greenhouse methods.

When soilless agriculture is desired, mineral support is given to the plant through water. At this point, a material is set up so that the plant can get the substances it wants and the roots touch the water. This setup should be included in a specific mechanism, and in this respect, greenhouse works are provided for soilless application with the necessary ventilation system.

Booth greenhouse greenhouse applications provide everything, including the air-conditioning for the realization of soil productivity in Turkey as having an important place in this regard. In these studies, a practical system is provided for the smooth realization of the amount of water and its application, which is the most important factor in soilless work, with the automation system irrigation. Moreover, this system creates an important advantage for the farmer at a very affordable cost.