Seedling Production Greenhouses

Seedling Production Greenhouses

As seasonal crops, vegetables are used for a few months of production thanks to seedlings that are disposable and are generally seen as a need in summer season agricultural practices. The seedling greenhouse has also made a great contribution to the farmer and the consumer in recent years in terms of obtaining seedlings of fruits / vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants and peppers.

It is thought that fruit and vegetable cultivation has been carried out in greenhouse activities, especially in autumn and winter, since the first days under normal conditions. In fact, although greenhouse cultivation is preferred for vegetable and fruit cultivation today, greenhouse cultivation activities are also carried out in terms of growing vegetable and fruit seedlings.

From a different perspective, there is a direction such as the establishment of seedling production greenhouses together with the grants and supports provided by the official authorities. This is because growing only fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse in autumn and winter, regaining seedlings in the summer and then starting agriculture causes a tightness. However, the greenhouse who has the opportunity can obtain a faster and more advantageous situation for the summer by using the greenhouse in terms of growing both vegetable and fruit seedlings.

How are Seedling Production Greenhouses Used?

Seedling production greenhouse in a professional way today Bozkurt Sera obtained thanks to the installation of greenhouses in Turkey reveal a user, just as in vegetable and fruit cultivation. These greenhouses have a sensitive structure and require a professional installation with every detail such as irrigation systems and ventilation systems. For this reason, a project-based study is absolutely carried out .

By working with Bozkurt Sera, firstly, measurements are taken in the field in order to realize the seedling greenhouse application, and the application project is prepared considering the climatic and regional conditions. For example, one of the most important details in greenhouses where seedlings are grown is the seedling stand. Similarly, there is a need such as a boom system to form the irrigation system.

The boom system used in the greenhouse in seedling cultivation makes irrigation much more practical and powerful, and helps the seedling to reveal a higher yield. In addition, this point automation system constitutes one of the most important parts of irrigation studies. This irrigation, which is used with the rail system, is actually provided in a way that matches the air conditioning application within the greenhouse activity. All these points are seen by Bozkurt Sera within the project and seedling greenhouses are prepared with the highest precision.