Greenhouse Hanger Wire System

Greenhouse Hanger Wire System

Some plants grown in the greenhouse need to grow up from the ground and be supported during this extension. In some greenhouses, this method is provided by means of canes in poles, while in modern greenhouse applications, the plants are provided with the desired support by means of wires. In this way, it helps the plant to grow by taking the ideal air during cultivation such as beans, cucumbers or cowpea.

While installing the greenhouse, the plant species to be grown in the greenhouse are determined at the first stage. Because the greenhouse is one of the ideal agricultural areas used for growing vegetables or fruits or growing seedlings, especially in autumn and winter. For example, beans, which are grown in a healthy and productive way in summer, can be grown in the greenhouse in autumn and winter.

While plants such as beans or cucumbers are grown in the greenhouse in autumn and winter, it is necessary to obtain a structure that will reach upwards and grow regularly, just like in summer. During the establishment of this structure, a system that helps the suspension method with wire applications within the greenhouse systems established by Bozkurt Sera was developed.

How to Use Greenhouse Hanger Wire System?

With the use of the wire system in the greenhouse plants, ideal heights are created for the plants to grow healthier, and a modern technique is preferred for this application. With the use of certain materials, hanging points at the ideal height are created in the greenhouse and special apparatus are used to meet these hangers and the wire specification.

For example, while bean cultivation is carried out in the greenhouse, it is ensured that the plant reaches the top by means of a wire so that the plant grows upwards regularly. While this material reaches upwards, it is transported to the hanging mechanism set up above by the hanging apparatus in order to stand tight and upright.

The mechanism used has a specially developed and practically used structure. This mechanism is definitely used in greenhouse applications carried out by Bozkurt Sera, especially in terms of growing tall plants. In this context, in terms of growing many different vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans or zucchini, in greenhouse applications, Bozkurt Sera can be used to make a suspended wire system on demand.