Banana Production Greenhouses

Banana Production Greenhouses

Banana, as a tropical structure in Turkey, especially in the summertime is obtained for a temperate climate of the Mediterranean region is a fruit produced with very high yields. However, the farmer, who has allocated a large proportion of his agricultural land for banana production, is looking for a method to continue production in autumn and winter. In terms of this method, banana production lines constitute one of the biggest solutions.

Although the greenhouse is normally used for growing vegetables and fruits or growing seedlings, banana production greenhouses have recently become one of the popular greenhouse applications. These greenhouse applications are much higher in dimensions than conventional vegetable / fruit greenhouses, more durability and strength calculations are required.

Banana production in Turkey and especially Anamur  has a very important place of quality products such as bananas are known worldwide. For this reason, greenhouses are one of the most important choices in terms of realizing greenhouses with or without soil, providing banana production and activating farming in all seasons of the year.

Banana Production Greenhouses Offer Above-Ideal Sizes

Greenhouse application, which is performed on a certain square meter of land under normal conditions, also provides ideal uses with a certain height. However, the greenhouse that should be applied for banana cultivation reaches high dimensions, just like a production facility or an industrial facility, by providing dimensions above the ideal. Also today in Turkey  30 thousand square meters or larger banana greenhouses can be seen.

As it is known by the grower, it forms a plant that is grown at heights of 4 or 6 meters with 2 different varieties such as, dwarf or mountain banana. In order to grow bananas in the greenhouse depending on these species, care should be taken to carry out studies on irrigation, especially the automation system. All these points Booth Greenhouse in Turkey exhibits the desired one of the most professional approach in this greenhouse applications.

Bozkurt Sera provides a very professional project implementation in these greenhouses to be established in terms of growing bananas, especially the ventilation system. The main purpose is to obtain a greenhouse that can be used with the same efficiency in the future at a low cost and has the correct air conditioning. In this context, the most appropriate agricultural area is always created in terms of obtaining organic bananas through a flexible project.