Light Steel Structures

Light Steel Structures

Light steel structures are preferred at many different points today in terms of performing construction work faster and more practically instead of building reinforced concrete structures. In these structures, it is preferred to use galvanized light steel material for bearing structural elements, while the desired shape of the structure is obtained by cold forming.


What are Light Steel Structures?

Today, light steel, which has become widely used in the construction field and building sector , has an advantageous place and its production is carried out thanks to the specifications and the project, just like in reinforced concrete structures. Ideally, these structures, which can be used in structures that are desired to be applied up to 6 floors, provide a much longer use than reinforced concrete structures.


What Are The Characteristics Of Light Steel Structures?

Light steel structures, whose usage area reaches a very wide point, can be used especially as office, construction site or residence. It can even be seen that steel structures were built as a public institution like a school. Because these structures are seen as earthquake resistant, long lasting, easy to decorate and much faster construction with their basic features. In terms of physical properties, all installation applications can be provided optionally in structures built of light steel and all features of the desired structure can be applied as in reinforced concrete structures.


Advantages of Light Steel Structures Over Reinforced Concrete Structures

Steel structures, together with being a modern system, are produced today by machine control on the factory and applied in the construction area by means of assembly. In this way, together with the ease of application, structures made of light steel create a much more advantageous use compared to reinforced concrete structures. This advantage is especially evident in the lifetime compared to reinforced concrete structures. At this point, the lifetime can often even create a durability of 180 years.

Bozkurt Sera produces the net production of the computer-aided project prepared precisely in such applications and performs the assembly clearly on site. Today, although light steel structures have been produced in accordance with the project at many points, they are applied in an unsafe manner due to the deficiencies observed in the engineering controls. However, thanks to Bozkurt Sera, service can be obtained with an assembly suitable for technical conditions for an application made of light steel that will obtain a very long service life.