Greenhouse Construction Systems

Greenhouse Construction Systems

The greenhouse creates a growing area where weather and irrigation conditions can be controlled in terms of obtaining suitable conditions outside of the crop season. In order to create this indoor growing area, a skeletal structure and a coating are provided first. For example, in applications such as glass greenhouses, a construction system must be obtained to create this structure.

The greenhouse construction system is a strong system obtained by using steel or high-strength metal materials. In the application of this system, the dimensions or characteristics of the fruit, vegetable or plant to be produced are taken into consideration. Because in a greenhouse where a vegetable such as tomato or pepper is grown, and a greenhouse where bananas are grown, greenhouse heights and sizes may vary.

Today, farmers, who generally grow fruit and vegetables, prefer the use of plastic greenhouses in greenhouse applications. Depending on the weight of the coating material used in this location, it can be produced with steel or different and metals optionally for the construction system. In this context, Bozkurt Sera takes care that the construction application to be carried out is an application that can carry the desired load and provide the ideal structure for the operation of other systems.


How is Greenhouse Construction System Applied?

The greenhouse construction system is primarily applied according to the type of greenhouse and the external coating material used. Because the weights, structure and load capacity of a glass greenhouse and a greenhouse made of polycarbon material may change. In this context, a construction that will form a framework for polycarbonate greenhouses can be applied with a different material.

In applications such as glass or plastic greenhouses that can be obtained by Bozkurt Sera on a turnkey basis, it is important to pay great attention to construction applications. Bozkurt Sera pays attention to providing a service that will preserve its durable and strong structure for many years by working with an expert staff in terms of manufacturing and assembly.

With the service provided through the Bozkurt Sera, the desired construction systems for glass, plastic or polycarbon greenhouses can be installed with a completely strong structure. Depending on the nature of the plant to be grown, climatic conditions, geographical location and material properties, the greenhouse construction system can be applied in a modern way up to 6.5 meters under the gutter.