Gothic Greenhouse Models

Gothic Greenhouse Models

With its physical structure, the greenhouse is a closed agricultural area that is built through a tunnel and is closed both from the sides and from the top. Gothic structures are among the most used greenhouse models in these agricultural areas. Because, thanks to this structure, it gains advantages in terms of air conditioning, irrigation and building use.

One of the most demanded points in terms of greenhouse use is to obtain a large volume. Gothic use is one of the most preferred points within the scope of obtaining this volume. With the same style seen in architecture, a greenhouse built with this architecture can contribute to production by making use of the sun’s rays much more strongly.

Looking at the greenhouse models that are ideally built in gothic style today, are often seen systems with a tunnel width of 9.6 meters or 12.8 meters . In these greenhouses, which are set up to ideally reach up to 5 meters in gutter width, plastic material is especially preferred in terms of outer coating and top coating. In addition, the use of polycarbonate is also seen often.


Why Gothic Greenhouse Models Are Advantageous?

Gothic models, which are also preferred by Bozkurt Sera in greenhouse applications, have advantages. In these models, especially the opportunity of large volume is obtained as mentioned before. In this way, greenhouse activities can be carried out in a more practical, comfortable and healthy way. In addition, these models have the opportunity to solve the problem of water dripping on crops.

When conducting greenhouse works, there is a problem of water dripping on the plastic cover of the greenhouse, especially in sunny weather and rainy weather. Avoiding these problems is a very important point in greenhouse studies and it may be possible to avoid this problem in a greenhouse built with a gothic model. Because the water dripping from the plastic towards the plant is reduced and the condensed water reaches the droppers and flows more easily.

In this type of greenhouse applications, they are mainly applications with large volume structure applied by Bozkurt Sera in many different points. Again, with their basic features, gothic models create a structure suitable for high winds and very rainy regions. It can be used much more strongly in tropical regions and actually creates an ideal structure to adapt to all seasons.