Glass Greenhouse Models

Glass Greenhouse Models

The realization of greenhouse studies in agriculture is generally provided with a seasonal structure. Because the basis of the greenhouse is the covering material and most of the time the covering material is only for seasonal use. However, the glass greenhouse can be used by providing physical quality in order to obtain a much long-lasting greenhouse use.

The use of glass in the coating material of the greenhouse provides a much resistant structure, especially in terms of service life. This structure can be preferred depending on the type of plant to be grown and the climate in which the greenhouse is used. In the studies carried out by Bozkurt Sera, the service life of material which being used is stated as 49 years. This 50-year lifespan enables a much longer and more comfortable greenhouse in agricultural use.

When glass is preferred for the coating material in greenhouses, a very high durability is obtained, especially by using tempered glass material. Especially by using tempered glasses on the roof part, a greenhouse application conditions is obtained that will not be damaged against all weather conditions . In terms of glass used as coating material, glass material that is protected against ultraviolet rays and does not contain chemicals that is, will not react to plants, is preferred.

Glass Greenhouse Models Are A Long-Lasting Investment

Glass greenhouse is seen as the best choice in terms of making a long-lasting investment for greenhouse work. Because while plastic and polycarbon greenhouses last up to 3 years, glass creates a much stronger structure in terms of duration and uselight transmittance . Glass has a great advantage in terms of energy consumption, especially in order to obtain the ideal temperature in the greenhouse.

As the person who performs greenhouse agriculture knows, 1% more light increases the harvest by 1% and so on . So, from this point of view, the use of glass creates a great advantage in terms of light transmittance. Fruits / vegetables that receive more light can produce a more homogeneous, more mature and more delicious yield.

In the applications carried out by Bozkurt Sera, the diffuse liquid used in the outer part of the glass greenhouse is carefully selected. This fluid, which provides higher efficiency, helps to reduce problems such as calcium deficiency. Considering all these details and advantages, glass models can be preferred by working with Bozkurt Sera for greenhouses that will have a much longer life and will provide the best plants in many situations.