Seedling Production Facility

Seedling Production Facility

Seedling is the most important need in terms of outdoor agriculture in summer and greenhouse agriculture in winter, especially in terms of fruits and vegetables. Apart from only fruit and vegetable cultivation in agricultural areas, seedling production processes should be continued in an equivalent and parallel manner. Because by this way, the need for seedlings can be met more strongly and more quickly, and agricultural activities can be sustained with the desired quality.

Today, Turkey’s many different organizational structure supported by the support given by the public authorities and the way in seedling production plant installations are carried out. In this regard, Bozkurt Sera is one of the important choices and provides high quality greenhouse installations. In this way, a stronger agriculture is made in season with seedlings obtained before the season in many cities.

The seedling production facility, together with a modern structure, meets the need for growing summer fruits and vegetables all year round. Although these facilities are seen as modern greenhouse methods, there are traditionally areas such as seed germination and vaccine room within the building. In each of these areas, the parts that affect the production and constitute the basic factors are developed in a special way and the application is made.


Turkey Project for Seedling Production Facility

Bozkurt Sera, with a professional working logic, works by paying attention to the most important details for the establishment of the seedling production facility. From the preparation of the project to the realization of the production and the completion of the assembly stages, modern greenhouse applications are carried out by the company in a qualified manner.

Suitable materials are preferred at every point such as ventilation, irrigation systems, stand installations, floor covering, for seedling production within the established facilities. Since the combination of these materials is realized through a project, it uses exact measurements, modern techniques and irrigation systems such as boom system.

One of the most important points in the facilities is the seed germination room. Because when the seed is germinated using the ideal temperature, nutrients and water, a healthy and strong seedling can be obtained. For this reason, Bozkurt Sera achieves results by installing the right materials and the right structure in every part such as the seed germination room and the growing room in applications.